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An Axiomatic Build Up to Sentient Systems


Everything in the universe including all living entities are made of the same stardust; and all living things share (to a large degree) the same DNA and similar cellular structures.

Cells are considered to be the smallest living entities and the building blocks of all life with single celled creatures such as bacteria and algae exhibiting intelligent behaviours.

Cells move, sense, communicate, make decisions, and bond to form all plants & animals; in turn, they all exhibit different degrees of intelligent behaviour.

Axioms 1

Everything that lives is intelligent

Everything that exhibits intelligence is not necessarily alive

Sentience demands intelligence, but is dominated by interaction with an environment


Some intelligent behaviours occur without the properties of memory and processing, but no intelligent behaviours occur without sensors and actuators (inputs and outputs).

Axioms 2

Intelligent things may exist in a fixed location - ie wholly static

The degree of intelligence (and sentioence) accelerates with the ability to physically move

Communication and subsequent action are vital components of intelligence and sentience

Life and intelligence are significantly amplified by the number of bonded cells

Life and intelligence are significantly amplified by the degree of network/ing/complexity

Life and intelligence are emergent properties of complexity under specific conditions

Axioms 3

All lifeforms are able to sense their environment and actions to some degree

All lifeforms are able to sense stress and damage to some extent and generally react


Equipped with sufficient sensors, actuators, memory, processing and communication our ‘AI-Robotic’ system will ultimately become sentient


Although the virus can exhibit some life and intelligence properties - they are not considered to be alive (at present) as they are simple packages of nucleic acids that co-exist and act without the abilty to reproduce

On one level they are brutally simple parasites entities that hi-jack both the metabolic and replication mechanisms of their host.

They do not exhibit any more than a form of reactive intelligence and often kill their hosts as a result!


Cellular lifeforms reperoduce by the hand of nature, but can be made to replicate by the hand of man!

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