Speaker and agent details

My commercial speaking engagements are arranged by my agent:

Tom Kenyon-Slaney London Speaker Bureau
Telephone +44 20 8748 9595
Mobile +968 9619 5325
Email [email protected]
Home http://www.londonspeakerbureau.com

Non commercial events (eg professional institutions, universities, schools, charities) are arranged directly:

Jane Cochrane  
Office +44 (0)1394 420711
Mobile +44 (0)7879 447 140
Email [email protected]


Peter Cochrane  
Office +44 (0)1394 420711
Mobile +44 (0)7747 863 013
Email [email protected]

Presentation Style:

Presentations and talks by Peter Cochrane are low on Power Point – high on audience engagement, animation and movies - with a delivery style suited to managers, experts and lay people. The emphasis is on clear communication and understanding and not technology or techno-speak! (Sample Slides & Movies)

AV Requirements:

Peter presents from his MacBook Pro. Video output:DVI, VGA, HDMI at 2560x1600 native resolution 227 pixels/inch

Supported scaled resolutions at a full range of scan rates:




Audio out is via a 3.5 mm minijack connector, BlueTooth or Integrated HDMI

Sample Talks:

Over many years of speaking at conferences, company gatherings, dinners, academic and other events Peter has created and developed a broad range of deep technical, management and general interest talks supported by high quality graphics, movies, practical examples, demonstrations, anecdotes and humour.

Sample titles and key points from recent talks delivered to audiences as far apart as London and Bogota are included below:

Artificial Intelligence - Today and Tomorrow:

How AI works and what it can do today

Why we need AI and projected capabilities

Threats, promises, and why all our futures depend on AI

The impact on industry, society, government, ecology and sustainability

Quantum Computing - Reality Check:

There is much more to QC than Qbits!

QC is analogue and not digital, it is probabilistic

QCs will not replace our existing digital computers

QC cannot decode every encrypted message instantaneously

Without QC we will never understand chemistry, biology, life, ecologies or economics

Exceeding 50 stable Qbits would see QCs profoundly impacting ever aspect of life our planet

Cyber Security - Thinking Like The Enemy:

There is far more to cyber security than technology

Every successful attack starts with human fallibility and failure

The Dark Side is an integrated business venture on a global scale

Operating as individually isolated organisations means we can only lose

Integrating the information and resources across sectors and countries is essential

The projected ‘business earnings of The Dark Side will be >5x the GDP of the UK by 2030

How to Build a Truth Engine

Fake News and Propaganda are the biggest threat to humanity

If societies lose sight of the truth and reality then they are doomed to fail

Accurately detecting Fake News and Propaganda has largely been demonstrated

With >170 global Fact Checkers, AI, and historical trend analysers we have the key tools

We now need a global effort to police and neutralise the sources of Fake information

But the ignorance of populations/ease of manipulation is probably an even bigger problem!

Sustainability - It’s About Time:

The full scale of the problems now facing humanity exceed our comprehension

The world is no longer linear and stable- complexity and instability is now the norm

Changing all the lightbulbs and polishing existing technologies/industries is not enough

Sustainability demands new materials/industrial processes and near loss-free recycling

Today’s management, political and economic systems are fundamentally unable too deliver

In this battle for survival; AI, Robotics, The IoT and New Materials are the key elements

Sample Presentation Materials:

Full slide sets are provided for organisation and individuals in the audience - company and media interviews are also included

Note that the materials below are in PDF and therfore sans movies, animations and demonstrations

View all my presentations and slide sets on slideshare - PeterCochrane