List of my academia appointments

Path to Today

I was born into a Nottinghamshire mining community where education centred on rote and remembering. Not surprising; I struggled to understand almost everything! My burning curiosity was never addressed and nor was it satisfied as my early teachers shared no passion for understanding - it was about robotic regurgitation devoid of reasoning and understanding. So, I left high school with no formal qualifications to discover I had learned far more at home and in the public library!

My passion for science and technology saw me deep into electronics, hifi, remote control aircraft and ham radio by the age of 11. But an accumulating engineering ignorance drove me into night school at the age of 15 where I was educated by part time teachers from industry. Their capacity to recognise my ignorance level, and come down to a point at which I might understand, transformed my thinking and knowledge. Many were inspirational; and it was their patience and dedication that saw me ‘stumble’ into university at the age of 22.

During the next 8 years I was educated by some of the best lecturers and professors on the planet. Not only did they change my life direction, they also instilled in me a determination to help and educate others. This saw me teaching at night school, giving talks at schools, colleges and universities, and more recently, a graduation to a professional educator and professor.

The debt of gratitude I owe my lecturers and professors is immeasurable, and my chosen method of settlement is to emulate them by endowing as much education and understanding as I can…


When I enter a lecture theatre I recognise a sea of potential capability and futures that will help power the next 50 years. I also see the diversity of ability that lies within every class member. And it is my job to help every student achieve their abilities in order to maximise their life chances and ability to make contributions to progress.

When I meet with students undertaking projects and research at an undergrad, postgrad, doctoral and postdoc level I afford them my every effort, accumulated wisdom and experience. My job is to steer, encourage, and tease out the maximum originality of thought, creativity and realisation; to help them to solve problems, make discoveries and build workable solutions. And when their knowledge and understanding surpasses mine; then I know I have succeeded.

At every level of education there are milestones to be overtaken and prizes to be won, and I make every effort to attend prize givings and degree ceremonies to celebrate with, and salute, my students. To be there to say; ‘well done’ is important to them, their families, and to me!


Throughout my career as a scientist, engineer, manager and entrepreneur I discovered that there are two key points of deep understanding;

The first is when you design and build something

The second is when you try and teach a subject to students

My decision to enter academia was inspired by my many teachers and mentors at night school, Trent Polytechnic, Essex University, industry and government. Their skill, understanding, and determination to help me transcend my poor and limited (early) education; and too ‘understand in-depth’ enabled my extensive career. And so, my mission is now to emulate them as I, in turn, try to help young people understand; and further, to change the way we teach and conduct research.

Academic Appointments

  • 1972: Part Time Lecturer People’s College, Nottingham - City & Guilds.
  • 1978: Invited Visiting Professor To CNET Summer School on Theory and Practice of Time Domain Measurements Lannion University, France.
  • 1980-90: Visiting Industrial Professor To NELP Electrical Engineering Dept Polytechnic of East London, Barking.
  • 1981-91: Scientific Collaborator To The University Of Liege, Belgium Department of Electronic Engineering
  • 1985-95: Industrial Visiting Fellow To UCNW At Bangor School of Electronic Engineering Science
  • 1988-99: Visiting Professor To Essex University Department of Electronic Systems Engineering
  • 1990-94: Robert Gordon’S Institute Of Technology External Examiner for CNAA MSc in Information Systems.
  • 1991-95: Nottingham Polytechnic External Examiner for BSc Electrical Engimeering
  • 1991-94: Visiting Professor To Southampton University Opto-electronics Research Centre.
  • 1991-96: Honorary Professor Of Communication & Electronics & Court Member At The Univesity of Kent
  • 1994-99: Visiting Professor To University College London IT Systems Centre
  • 1997-99: Member of the Oxford University Advisory Council on Further Education
  • 1999-00: Collier Chair For The Public Understanding Of Science & Technology University of Bristol
  • 2000-02: MIT Media Lab PhD External Examiner
  • 2001-04: MIT Media Lab Europe Dublin External Advisor
  • 2001-06: Honorary Prof to Robert Gordon University School of Engineering Aberdeen
  • 2005-08: Visiting Professor of Electronic Engineering Queen Mary University, London
  • 2012-15: Visiting Professor to University of Hertfordshire School of Engineering and Technology
  • 2012-16: Visiting Lecturer CASS Business School London
  • 2016-19: Visiting Professor University of Suffolk
  • 2017-20: Visiting Professor to University of Salford
  • 2017-20: Visiting Professor to Nolttingham Trent University
  • 2019-22: Professor of Sentient Systems University of Suffolk
  • 2023-??: Visiting Professor to University of Hertfordshire School of Physics, Engineering and Computer Science

Other Activities

  • Chairman of London Colleges Telecoms MSc Board 1995-97.
  • Member of Oxford University Advisory Council on Continuing Education 1997-98
  • External Supervisor to MSc and PhD Students at Essex, NELP, Kent, RGIT Aberdeen, UCL, Stafford, MIT
  • External Examiner for BSc, MSc & PhD Students at Essex, Cambridge, Leeds, Trent, RGIT, MIT,IIT Khargupur